daniel radcliffe tonight show breakdown Daniel Radcliffe explains how his 'Tonight Show' rap came to be

Daniel Radcliffe won the internet on Oct. 29 after a clip of him performing Blackalicious’ “Alphabet Aerobics” on “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” hit the web and became a viral hit. 
The same day Radcliffe explained how the routine came to be to a group of reporters including Zap2it at a press conference for his new movie “Horns”
“I said it in an interview ages ago. It was one of those things where [the interviewer] said ‘Tell us something we don’t know about you.’ and I’ve been doing interviews for a long time so I’m really struggling to find something you don’t know about me. I said ‘I know all the lyrics to ‘Alphabet Aerobics’ by Blackalicious.'” Radcliffe recounts. 
A “Tonight Show” producer contacted Radcliffe months ago as the actor was promoting his romantic comedy, “What If” to ask if he’d perform the rap song during his last appearance — but Radcliffe freaked out and wasn’t ready. When he confirmed coming to the late night talk show again, the “Tonight Show” staff played an extra chip in their favor. 
“[They] came to me and said ‘The Roots really want to do it with you.’ So I was like, “Ooookay.'” Radcliffe says, because who can say no to The Roots? However, the actor may not have gone through with the performance if he had known all of the facts before rehearsal. 
“I went and did the rehearsal and then Questlove came back into the dressing room and was just like, ‘Yeah man, I’m going to text those guys. They’re going to be really excited. I produced their second album.'” Radcliffe says “I may not have been as bold to had suggest that I do it had I known that, but I’m immensely glad that I did it. I was kind of shaking with adrenaline for a few minutes afterwards and it was awesome.” 
The internet was definitely glad he did it as well. If you missed Radcliffe’s performance, check out the video below. “Horns” hits theaters, onDemand and iTunes on Oct. 31. 
Posted by:Megan Vick