the flash danielle panabaker the cw TSA grilled Danielle Panabaker about The Flash Season 2

Zap2it: How does it feel to be back on the set for Season 2 of “The Flash”?

Danielle Panabaker: Oh, it’s been wonderful! In some ways, it feels like we never left; we were back shooting at some locations where we were just three months prior. And it feels like we’re all a little bit more well-rested than we were at the end of last season, but otherwise, it feels great.

There’s also a sort of unspoken inner confidence in all of us as we’re coming back for Season 2. We worked really hard on Season 1 and people really responded to it, so it’s great now that we’re getting the opportunity to do it again.

Zap2it: Certain things have to change by necessity for Season 2, based on how Season 1 ended, plus you’re adding Shantel VanSanten and Teddy Sears as cast regulars. Does that process feel natural to you?

Danielle Panabaker: That’s what’s exciting. Our writers are so wonderful and so talented, they knew we couldn’t do the same thing all over again. We’re just trying to top it and do everything a little bit better.

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Zap2it: You’ve done fantasy and horror acting before, in such movies as “The Crazies” and the “Friday the 13th” remake, but how has your current genre work been different for you?

Danielle Panabaker: It’s been so rewarding. That’s what’s great about being on TV — you’re in front of an audience on a consistent basis. People come up to me all the time, no matter where I am, and talk about the show. Even the guy at TSA, when I’m getting on an airplane, wants to know if I can tell him about Season 2.

My favorite thing is when parents come up and say, “We watch it as a family. We all watch it together.” I think that’s something that’s really special.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin