Dating Naked's Amy Paffrath at the Wanderlust grand opening in Hollywood

“Dating Naked” is back with an even bigger second season than last summer. This year, the twist is that there are two primary daters, Kerri and Chris, who meet two new men and two new women each week. Host Amy Paffrath tells Zap2it that she’d actually love to see Chris and Kerri couple up, plus she reveals if she’s ever been on a naked date.

Zap2it: Why do you think Dating Naked is different from other reality shows? Obviously the nudity, but how does that affect the dates?

Amy Paffrath: “Dating Naked” is the most vulnerable, real dating show on TV! Taking away clothing strips away barriers. It allows people to bring their truly honest self to the table. There’s nothing to hide behind! Physically or emotionally. It speeds up the process a bit and people get to know who the other person really is much faster than a traditional date.

What is the most awkward naked date you have witnessed? What made it so awkward?

There have been a few.  Sometimes it’s the energy of the couple, like Monet and Dan. They just didn’t vibe.  Sometimes it’s the activity. This season there is a pogo stick date that is pretty hilarious.  I mean, picture it. It airs soon, so you don’t have to wait much longer!

Did you have a favorite couple from Season 1?

I really like Wee Wee and Joe! Wee Wee and I got along from the start. I just think she’s the most down-to-earth, cool girl. She’s a sweetheart! And when she and Joe met, they instantly clicked. It was fun to watch them bond. I think they have one of those relationships that will last forever in one capacity or another.

Can you tease a favorite couple from Season 2?

Oh, that’s tough … I like the idea of Chris and Kerri together. They are awesome people apart, but I think they would be great together. Whether or not I get my wish, you gotta keep watching to find out!

What makes Season 2 even bigger than Season 1?

Season 2 gets crazy because of the keepers situation. Season 1 was a series of great one-off episodes, whereas Season 2 has a definite story arc. It’s intense because people can stay in the house for a long period of time if their bond with Chris and Kerri remains strong. Then each week they have to keep meeting new people, testing that connection. It’s a lot of emotions from a lot of different personalities mixed together!

Would you ever go on a naked date? What if there were no cameras?

Sure! Who’s to say I haven’t? If you go on a naked date and there’s no camera to capture it, did it happen? You decide.

“Dating Naked” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on VH1.

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