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Fans of “Twin Peaks” are as fiercely loyal to the show as Jerry Horne is to his Parisian brie sandwiches — and that loyalty paid off in a major way when it was announced that the groundbreaking drama would be rebooting itself some 25 years after it went off the air. Now, as the show has begun filming its long-awaited Season 3, the self-professed “Twin Peaks Freaks” are being asked by David Lynch to stop posting pictures of the set or they might ruin some surprises that aim to be as sweet as the Double R Diner’s cherry pie.

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The@TwinPeaksArchve account on Twitter has become a de facto destination-hub for all “Twin Peaks” news as cameras have begun rolling on the Showtime series. From small stuff (set designers painting bricks, fencing being erected at the Hurley house) to reappearances of familiar faces (Everett McGill as Big Ed Hurley, Wendy Robie as drapery-obsessed Nadine) to full-on spoilers (which we’ll try to avoid here), the buzz on social media has become quite loud among would-be sleuths hanging around the set. But amid all the fun pictures from fans who’ve seen base camp or commented on David Lynch’s choice of headwear, the creators of the show have begun to fear that everything is getting a bit too transparent.

In a tweet, the administrator of the popular Twin Peaks destination says that Lynch and series producer Mark Frost have asked that spoilers stop being posted from the set. Shortly thereafter, Frost himself tweeted a message of thanks to everyone for politely backing off a bit.

Now, instead of blurry photos of Big Ed’s butt, the new marching orders seem to be best reflected in Frost’s hashtag: #KeepTheMysteryAlive. It’s enough to make you wonder how different things would have been watching “Twin Peaks” in 1990, when it enjoyed its highest ratings, if social media had existed. Instead of set designer Frank Silva accidentally walking into a shot and having Lynch decide he’d be perfect to portray Laura Palmer’s killer, perhaps Silva would’ve tweeted about his mistake and never been lured into acting. If there were crude, behind-the-scenes camera phone pics of the red room online, would it have been nearly as haunting?

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Almost universally, fans reacted to the request from Lynch and Frost not with anger or disappointment, but with refreshing understanding. For now, it seems, the world of “Twin Peaks” can continue to develop its new voice without fear of premature dissection. And accounts like @TwinPeaksArchve will attempt to walk the fine line between excitement and over-indulgence. 

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