It was a "Tommy Boy" reunion on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" Monday (Nov. 23), as the host welcomed Rob Lowe and David Spade to his interview couch.

Corden, as a huge Chris Farley fan, wants to talk about the iconic 1995 comedy, so Spade regales Corden and the audience with an amazing story about how he and Farley fought over Lowe on set.

"They fought over me like I was a chick," Lowe says gleefully.

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What happened was they all arrived on set in Toronto, but Farley thought he was coming down with a bug, so he went to bed and Spade asked Lowe if he wanted to grab a drink. The next day, Farley kept asking Spade, "How's Rob Lowe?" It all culminated in this:

"I'm outside with Farley, it's freezing. I'm on the ground eating a tuna fish sandwich and he's still being a weirdo," says Spade. "He's just staring at me and then he comes over and crunches my hand and the tuna sandwich with his foot, crunch with his big fat boots. Then I got up and threw my Diet Coke on him, it was straight out of Atlanta 'Housewives.' Then he threw me down the stairs."

Lowe confirms that Farley did actually throw Spade down the stairs, but to be fair it's "not hard to throw Spade anywhere."

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