Nobody tells a story like David Spade -- as evidenced by his amazing tale of how he and Chris Farley fought over Rob Lowe on the "Tommy Boy" set. But that wasn't the only hilarious anecdote Spade brought with him to "The Late Late Show with James Corden" Monday (Nov. 23).

It's not a secret that back in 1999, Jack Nicholson basically stole Lara Flynn Boyle away from Spade. But on "The Late Late Show," Spade offers up more details about the fateful encounter and how he found Boyle and Nicholson were dating.

"We were dating and we went to this party and we were smoking a spliff, and [Nicholson] said, 'Do you wanna smoke a doob?'" says Spade. "Sure, why not? Why would you ever say no? So, smoke it up, halfway through he goes, 'Hey Spade, I think I'm think I'm gonna ask out your girlfriend.'"

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Everybody has a good laugh, because of course that's what Jack Nicholson said.

Later, Boyle was mad Spade "didn't even put up a fight" for her, to which he says, "He outranks me -- he's cooler, he's richer, he's better looking. I get how it works, it's OK. You're gonna do what you're gonna do." Boyle then said, "'Dude, he's worse than Trump. He's gross, I would never.'"

"Then immediately she started dating him," says Spade with a laugh. "Then I found out because the National Enquirer called me and told me. They go, 'Hey, did you hear your girlfriend's in a car accident? ... and she's with Jack Nicholson.' And the guy couldn't love telling me more. I go, 'Wait, there together right now?' and he goes, 'Yeah, dude!'"

Spade also cracks that if he and Boyle had been more serious, he probably would've knocked Nicholson out.

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