Dax Shepard stopped by “Conan” Tuesday (July 12) to promote his new movie, “Chips,” but really it was just a smorgasbord of sexuality. The actor, sitting there in some overalls straight out of the local Farm & Fleet store, talked about everything from watching porn while you’re driving to wife-swapping with Conan O’Brien.

It turns out when Shepard was first in Los Angeles, he was a motorcycle messenger, a job which allowed him a peek into other people’s cars, since motorcycles are legally allowed to drive between the lanes in California.

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“The other day I saw something for the first time. There was a guy with his phone on his steering wheel and he was watching a porno at the stop light,” says Shepard, whose first reaction was “that’s crazy!”, but upon giving it some more thought …

“The guy was probably at work and couldn’t watch porno there. He’s presumably going home to his wife where he will not be allowed to watch porno. This is his window to catch up on his programs … he wasn’t pleasuring himself, he seemed to just be catching up … He was doing a great job, I can’t complain about his driving.”

O’Brien asks what kind of pornography it was — because inquiring minds want to know — and Shepard promptly says, “It was an interracial threeway, I think that’s under the umbrella of hardcore.”

Apparently this is not a rare occurrence either. Andy Richter chimes in with, “I’ve seen guys do it on planes and on the subway, on their iPads.”

Talk also turns to an impromptu double date Shepard and O’Brien had with their wives a few weeks back. Shepard is married to actress Kristen Bell and O’Brien is married to Liza Powel, both of whom are apparently far more attractive than the men they are married to.

“I wanted to tell you then, but I was nervous it would trigger something for you — your wife is so attractive,” says Shepard to O’Brien. “She’s like really, exceedingly attractive. And I was afraid that you’d feel the way I feel when people tell me that my wife is really attractive, because you and I are not so attractive, so … all I’m hearing is, ‘You are so ugly, how did you get her?'”

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But don’t worry, Shepard loves O’Brien too. “As soon as I noticed you’d been pumping iron, I got in there and I felt everything I wanted to feel … I wanted to see what was happening with your wife, but I didn’t.”

Richter interjects, “If you want to set up a swinger thing, you should probably do it by email, not on a talk show.”

But no, says Shepard. Doing it on a talk show is the perfect cover.

“Because it could be a joke, it’s a comedy show! ‘Remember that time I said I wanted to get you and our wives together on that comedy program of yours? I was just teasing unless you think that’s a good idea … I do have a hotel room if you don’t think it’s funny, if you think it’s a good idea. If not, what a riot!”

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