After 21 years, “Days of our Lives” says goodbye to their favorite love-to-hate villainess Sami Brady, played by actress Alison Sweeney on Oct. 30. 
Sweeney first appeared as Sami on the soap on January 22, 1993 and announced earlier this year that it would be her last on the veteran daytime show so that she could spend more time at home with her children. The announcement has given fans to have plenty of time to reflect on Sami’s troubled past and prepare for Sweeney’s departure. 
Along with a personal Facebook message, the actress also made a goodbye video for her “Days” fans and family, explaining her first days on set and her favorite Sami storylines, — which include lying about who’s Will’s father was, Sami being on death row for killing Franco and the baby switch. Sweeney also recounts the “fake out” episode where EJ has a nightmare that Sami discovers his affair with another woman. Relive those moments with Sweeney in the video below. 
The cast and crew also said their goodbyes to Sami and Sweeney via Twitter by posting several pictures of the actress on her final day of shooting. Prepare your tissues at all of the warm farewells. 

If “Days” fans still really want to catch their favorite troublemaker, they can catch Sweeney as she still hosts “The Biggest Loser,” Thursdays on NBC at 8 p.m. 
Posted by:Megan Vick