If we learned one thing from “Dead of Summer” on Tuesday (July 5), it’s that camp, drugs and ghosts really don’t mix. It seems the format of the new spooky show will be to dish the dirt on a new counselor each week, and Alex (Ronen Rubinstein) got the tragic backstory treatment this time around.

Alex — formerly Alexei — hails from Russia, and the American Red Scare didn’t exactly create an easy childhood for him. Just because he lost the accent, doesn’t mean there’s not a lot of serious self-loathing issues going on. Not for nothing, but his campers’ xenophobia probably isn’t helping.

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As far as whether he actually drugged his friend, Blotter (Zachary Gordon) or not, we can’t know for sure.

He’s proven he’s totally capable of deceit and manipulation in his flashbacks, by blackmailing his boss with a sex tape in exchange for some sleek new threads. Even so, we’re inclined to believe that he’s not quite pathological enough to get his friend fired on purpose, especially when you consider that everyone is having crazy ghost-fueled visions — without an acid trip — at camp this summer.

Regardless, we hope Amy (Elizabeth Lail) and Cricket (Amber Coney) come to their senses and decide to leave Alex in the dust. Making a bet on who can sleep with their objectified female counselor first is the sign of a guy not worth anyone’s time, even if it is kind of a summer camp staple.

Summer lovin’ is not going to have either of these girls a blast with a guy like Alex, and they both seem far too susceptible to his charms. If we’re lucky, Amy and Cricket will form a strong bond of friendship with each other instead, and Alex can learn life’s hardest lesson: Jerks finish last.

Blair and Drew, however, can absolutely continue whatever little dance they’ve got going. At this point, they’re in first place for our “favorite potential couple” award.

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On a final note, it didn’t escape our notice that both Amy and Alex seem to have ghosts following them to camp this summer — and that’s on top of whatever is haunting Camp Stillwater. Could it be that each of our counselors has lost someone, bringing their own personal spiritual baggage to camp with them?

It’s unclear whether these ghosts from their past mean them any harm, but we’re pretty sure at this point that the Tall Man (Tony Todd) probably isn’t there to make friendship bracelets and learn archery.

Here’s hoping Blotter managed to make it out of that last encounter alive, or these camp counselors are about to find another body in the woods. His potentially tragic fate gives a whole new meaning to the term “scared straight.”

“Dead of Summer” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.

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