So far, we’ve gotten to take a closer look at Amy (Elizabeth Lail) and Alex’s (Ronen Rubinstein) pasts on “Dead of Summer,” but Tuesday (July 12) we’ll get to see what makes Carolina “Cricket” Diaz (Amber Coney) tick.

Zap2it spoke with Amber Coney about the Cricket-centric episode and which existential ghosts from her past will be haunting the camp’s most boy-crazy counselor this summer. Plus, how worried should we be for Blotter (Zachary Gordon) after his terrifying encounter with the Tall Man (Tony Todd)?

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Zap2it: ‘Dead of Summer’ is off to a creepy start, how much creepier should we expect it to get?

Amber Coney: I think episode 3 is the creepiest so far. I haven’t seen it yet, but I think it was the creepiest just in terms of the writing. The director, Mick Garris, created “Masters of Horror,” so he’s such a pro in the genre. He brought the scare factor to it.

‘Mix Tape’ is Cricket’s big episode, so what can we expect from her?

The creep factor gets real, in terms of the ominous occurrences and things that will make you jump in the night. At the same time, you get to see where Cricket is coming from. Obviously she manifests certain behaviors and says certain things at present-day camp to make you think there’s something going on with that girl. This episode really gets into that and shows what is going on, and it’s a lot more than people might expect.

Are we going to learn where her insecurity issues come from?

Yeah, that’s the basis of this episode really. Why does she want to have romantic or sexual validation? Why is she seeking attention? That all comes from insecurity and not feeling like enough.

This is something that Cricket has struggled with her entire life, and you’ll see why in this episode. Where she’s coming from and the drastic measures she takes to try and fix it — that lack, that perceived lack within herself.

Alex and Amy brought personal ghosts to camp, so has Cricket brought her own ghost with her?

Cricket’s haunting is very symbolic. The scare is a reflection of herself, and it’s about hiding. That’s what Cricket is doing at camp, so we see that manifested as a haunting, which is even scarier. Not only is it inherently horrifying to see whatever these beings are come into reality, but the fact that it’s alluding to something deeper and something she hasn’t faced within herself, that’s even more horrific. It’s doubled-layered in that way.

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For Amy and Alex, the hauntings were very on-the-nose in a way. You saw in the past where the hauntings came from, and that was sort of reciprocated in present day. With Cricket, it’s metaphorical … It’s more of an inner demon.

Do you think Jesse and Cricket’s friendship is genuine despite their mean girl behavior?

You saw in the first episode where I’m asking her how college was that there’s kind of a forlorn-ing for what the friendship used to be. Basically the backstory is that we were really close friends at camp, and we got older and stopped going to camp, and we just kind of lost touch … So when they come back together, Cricket has changed a lot and Jesse has changed in a way that probably makes Cricket even more insecure. Jesse comes back as the hot girl, and that’s all Cricket wants to be perceived as when she first comes to camp. Then she’s kind of shown up by her former best friend.

At the same time, there’s no bitterness towards each other. We’ve changed, and now we kind of have to take it from there and see how we can feel out this relationship and make it work. The second episode, you see they’re kind of making it work for selfish reasons. Nonetheless, they team up probably like they used to when they were younger.

Do you think Cricket and Amy could build a friendship?

Well that’s the thing, it’s not Amy’s fault that [Alex] is into her, and I think Cricket gets that. Obviously theres a jealousy aspect because Amy’s a beautiful person on all levels — at least Cricket perceives her that way — and since she’s having a lot of self-doubt, that’s just making her feel less-than.

In terms of Amy and Cricket ever being friends, I think there’s definitely an understanding between them about what’s going on, a very unspoken understanding. At the same time, I think Cricket will be nice but she’s keeping her distance. Her goal is Alex, and a friendship with a rival might kind of get in the way.

How scared should we be for Blotter after last week?

I mean, I think you should be afraid for everyone. Honestly, no one is immune. I would just say, like any of the other counselors, fear more.

“Dead of Summer” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.

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