jake anderson deadliest catch 325 'Deadliest Catch' Season 9 finale: Jake Anderson, forever the 'greenhorn'

When fans of the reality hit “Deadliest Catch,” airing Tuesdays on Discovery Channel, first met deckhand Jake Anderson, he was a wide-eyed greenhorn (rookie fisherman) coming aboard the F/V Northwestern to catch crab in Alaska’s Bering Sea.
Under the tutelage of Capt. Sig Hansen and his younger brother, deck boss Edgar Hansen, Anderson endured the losses of his sister and father, matured into a full-share deckhand and deck boss in his own right, got married, and earned the licenses necessary to perhaps one day become a skipper.
But not all fans have caught up with Anderson’s accomplishments.
“I think I will always probably be kind of the underdog, the greenhorn,” Anderson tells Zap2it. “I’ve been fishing crab alone for eight years, and I’ve always been in that position of being a greenhorn.
“Especially with television and media … if you talk to another guy who’s been fishing crab for eight years, he’s not going to be called a greenhorn. But I go in the street, and it’s, ‘Hey, you’re the greenhorn!’ ‘You know, buddy, that’s actually something you say to somebody when you want to get into a fight at the bar. That’s not a nice thing to a fisherman.’ “
Even so, the former pro skateboarder has found it tough to start seeing himself as an adult, even with a wife of a little over a year who’s eager to start a family.
“She’s ready to have a kid!” he says. “I did buy her a dog instead. I bought her a little Yorkie. It worked for a while, but it only lasted about six months. She doesn’t want another dog; she’s ready to have a kid.
“It’s so fun being a kid, though. You can look and act 20 years old for a while, but once everybody finds out that you’re actually 32, the buck stops there – right about now, where I am.”
Favorite book: “ ‘No Easy Day,’ by Mark Owen. I just actually read it a couple of months ago. … I’ve always been into the military. My uncle flew an F-4 in Vietnam; my cousin used to be in the Delta Force; my dad was a Marine; my grandpa was in the Coast Guard. I’ve always loved anything about the military. I don’t read a whole heck of a lot, but when I started reading that book, I couldn’t stop until it was over.”
Favorite movie: “It’s weird, but it’s actually ‘Insomnia,’ with Al Pacino and Robin Williams. If I ever get down, my wife goes, ‘You want me to put in “Insomnia”?’ That usually makes everything all better. It is a weird, depressing movie, I know.”
Favorite music: “My favorite musician, I’d have to say, would be Bob Dylan. I play the guitar, and I used to know almost every song word for word. I shouldn’t say every one, but if you asked me about a song, I’m pretty sure I could play it, sing it and play the harmonica with it.”
Posted by:Kate O'Hare