Teresa Giudice attends the live Celebrity Apprentice finale in 2012

Teresa Giudice is making the most out of her 15-month sentence in a Danbury, Conn. prison by keeping a diary she hopes to turn into a memoir.

“It’s going to be about growing up from humble beginnings,” James J. Leonard Jr., Giudice’s attorney, tells Us Weeklyin its Thursday (July 2) issue. “She will also tell the story everyone is dying to know: what life is like behind bars.”
Excerpts from the journals show the “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star isn’t holding anything back when it comes to chronicling her thoughts, writing about everything from the gross food she is eating to scary inmate encounters.
Luckily the Housewife finds time for a daily workout, as it sounds like it could be easy to pack on the pounds with the amount of food being dished out.
“I went to lunch at 10:20. I had tater tots, a soy burger that was so gross and orange! I also had some potato salad. They feed us so much here,” Giudice writes on one of her first days in prison. “I’m going to have potatoes coming out of my ears pretty soon!”She also details the infighting among prisoners. “There is a lady in here, she hit her roommate,” writes Giudice. “The officers are up here now to evaluate the situation. She is a crazy lady who fights with everyone.”

Giudice’s memoirs are expected to be released soon after she finishes her sentence for bank fraud, which could be as early as December 2015.
Posted by:Sarah Huggins