mariah carey christmas Deck the halls! Mariah Carey directing a Hallmark Christmas movie

Deck the friggin’ halls people, for Christmas has truly come early this year. How so? Well, in what will surely go down as one of the best decisions Hallmark has ever made, the network announced Thursday (July 30) that it has enlisted Mariah “The Voice” Carey to direct an upcoming Christmas movie. Oh yes, direct. 

To repeat: Mariah Carey is directing a Christmas movie for Hallmark Channel.

Details are thin at this point, but according to the network “Mariah Carey’s Christmas Project” will commence principal photography in October and air in December. This is a guaranteed Christmas gift for everyone!

Since there are a couple months before filming begins, surely Ms. Carey and Hallmark have yet to settle on a script, plot, and official title, right? Here are a few suggestions:

Title: “Without Yule”

Plot: Nick is a single dad who hasn’t been able to enjoy the holiday season since his wife passed away five years ago. Valerie is an unlucky-in-love architect from New York City brought in to Nick’s Small Town, USA to redesign the town’s event center, which Nick’s construction company has been hired to build and finish by December. Sparks will fly, passions will ignite as Nick and Valerie discover there is no Christmas without yule.

Title: “One Sweet Day”

Plot: A pop star named Mary is pressured by her record label to write and deliver a hit song before Christmas, or her contract will be terminated. She physically runs into a group of handsome, perfectly-harmonized strangers who take her on a musical tour of the city that inspires the hit that will make their careers (and becomes the longest-leading Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 in the chart’s 56-year history)

Title: “Always Be My Santa Baby”

Plot: Mike and Trudy have been together for what seems like a decade. From the outside looking in they are a perfectly happy couple. Gainfully-employed, healthy, but there’s no spark between them. In an effort to reclaim their old magic, Trudy and Mike sign up for a holiday-themed couple’s retreat guaranteed to reignite their passion.

Title: “Christmas Fantasy”

Plot: In the aftermath of a devastating natural disaster, the town of Happy Place, USA is trying to rebuild and recapture the spirit of the holiday season. Little do they know that a very special Christmas elf is on the way to make all their Christmas wishes come true. (The role of “Christmas Elf” to be played by an actor capable of channeling the spirit of Ol’ Dirty Bastard)

Title: “Love Takes Christmas”

Plot: On-again-off-again love birds James and Sara just can’t quite get it together. He’s a lawyer, she’s a doctor, their busy lives and stubborn natures have kept them from realizing what’s really important, that is until one joyous, merry season intervenes.

Title: “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

Plot: Does it really need one? Picture this: Mariah, a winter wonderland and a dozen male suitors who try to win her affection with their own versions of a certain Christmas classic.

Posted by:Kara Warner