degrassi next class Degrassi: Next Class opens with a reference to its most famous alum

“Degrassi: Next Class” continues to go there in its new American iteration, currently streaming on Netflix. In the first episode, it tackles what many other young people of today are talking about: relationships, social media and the unnatural standards of present-day beauty.

Much like a trending topic, all ten episodes are episodes are titled with hashtags. The first episode, “#BootyCall,” follows a young girl, Shay, who has insecurities about the size of her butt; feuding exes, Miles and Tristan, who are battling it out for the school presidency; and a music-lover by the name of Maya, who is feeling pressure from her boyfriend, Zig, to make him a member of her band as well as a sexual partner.

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The fourth installment to follow 1979’s “Kids of Degrassi Street,” the 2016 revamped series sticks to its roots with Mr. Archie “Snake” Simpson (Stefan Brogren) from previous reboots “Degrassi High” (1987) and “Degrassi: The Next Generation” (2001). The series even nods to its most notable alum, rapper Aubrey “Drake” Graham, in its opening scene.

“You know how Drake said, ‘Started from the bottom now we’re here?'” a voiceover begins. “Yes, he’s talking about the cutthroat world of the hip hop industry, but that idea can also be applied to the first day of school.”

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The new iteration still “goes there,” but one can say it takes a step even further. The episode supplies a classroom make-out session less than two minutes in, showing there to be little rules for this latest class of attend Degrassi Community School.

The series has already received a second season order of another 10 episodes.

“Degrassi: Next Class” is currently available for stream on Netflix.

Posted by:Mannie Holmes