James Corden and Demi Lovato took some unsuspecting Los Angeles residents by surprise Tuesday (Aug. 4) when they went around doing singing telegrams -- and also giving haircuts!

They went to the office of Dr. Engel, a local dentist who has raised $6,000 for the YMCA after-school program and wants to raise $10K, at which time he says he'll shave his head. After their song, Corden says they'll give him the remaining $4,000 if he'll let Demi Lovato shave his head. The man agrees -- because why wouldn't you let Demi Lovato shave your head?

Afterward, Corden says, "We might be the world's first singing telegram mobile barbers. Am I wrong? There's a business here, Lovato."

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Speaking of businesses that Lovato can go into if this whole pop star thing falls through, this is the exchange they have on the way to sing to Sara, the shop educator at Drybar.

Lovato: "I don't know why they don't just call this place 'Blow Jobs.'"
Corden: "'Blowies.' You could open a hair dry blowing place and call it 'Demi Lovato's Blowies.'"

Obviously this late-night sketch has given Demi Lovato a lot to think about.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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