melinda page devious maids scene from 325 life 2 'Devious Maids' Melinda Page Hamilton: 'I had to pull it back a little bit'

Zap2it: How do you describe “Devious Maids” Odessa?
Melinda Page Hamilton: She doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She is extremely good at her job. She has very high standards for herself and everyone else. She is officially the house manager. She oversees the running of the household. It is a hierarchy.
Zap2it: Can you explain her Russian accent?
Melinda Page Hamilton: At the audition, I had to wing it a little bit and draw on that training. And once I had the job, I had to pull it back a little bit. It was a little heavy, a little overblown. It is a great accent. It lends itself to a deadpan, bored delivery, which is kind of wonderful. It helps infuse Odessa with that kind of sarcasm and slightly-over-it point of view.

Zap2it: How did she lose her leg?
Melinda Page Hamilton: We will find out during the season. Remember the lower part of your leg doesn’t move and is not organic to you.

Zap2it: Which do you prefer, stage, TV or film?
Melinda Page Hamilton: I have loved the wonderful writing. It’s a wonderful role, a wonderful cast, and you can make a good living. Similarly, there is wonderful writing and cast in theater, but it is not as financially remunerative.
Zap2it: When not on set, what do you do?
Melinda Page Hamilton: I have an almost 2-year-old, a little girl. We have been reading “Goodnight Moon.” It was her favorite book ever. It is just joyful to watch Georgia. She loves being outdoors. Her favorite word is “outside.” We go to a lot of parks, look at trees and ducks and fish.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler