red band society finale Did 'Red Band Society' end just right or need a Season 2?FOX burned off the final two episodes of its feel-good hospital-set dramedy “Red Band Society” on Saturday (Feb. 7), with the finale serving as both closure for each of the chronically ill teenagers’ storylines and a bittersweet peek at what could’ve been in a potential Season 2.

How did your favorite red-bander leave things? Let’s look at the resolution of each of their storylines below.

Our precocious narrator spoke to the audience from a coma for most of the season, but these final three episodes that were dumped on Saturdays saw the skateboard-loving kid wake up, and, in the final moments of the episode, speak again and ultimately leave the hospital with his family.

Much like it happens in real life, Leo’s cancer returns. His relationship with Emma is still strained, but realizes that instead of moping around the only thing he can do is work up the energy to fight it once again.

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After a short-lived stint selling drugs, Jordi’s grandmother returns to the hospital and, with Dr. McAndrews, convinces him to have surgery that McAndrews thinks could really help fight his cancer. The finale ends with Jordi going under — could he be the new narrator?

A relapse in the overachiever’s anorexia brings her back to the hospital, but it also allows her to make an important step toward recovery — she admits to herself that she has a problem, and she opens up to her parents about the origins of her disease.

After a shoehorned-in, star-crossed romance with another cystic fibrosis patient, Astro realizes that he needs to put his — and his girlfriend’s — heath first.

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Ah, Kara. The mean cheerleader has a new heart, thanks to the tragic death of her fellow patient Hunter, and begrudgingly realizes that she now needs to be a better person if she wants to live up to the legacy of her dead boyfriend and the potential he saw in her.

The romantic entanglements of the hospital staff remained slightly messy and without real resolution, which is essentially how real life goes. 

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