dig ori pfeffer usa network 'Dig's' Ori Pfeffer takes the Zap2it Instagram into custody

There’s a big secret in Jerusalem, and “Dig” is uncovering it.
USA Network’s new series “Dig” follows Peter Connelly (“Harry Potter’s” Jason Issacs) as he tries to find out who murdered a young American in Israel, but ends up uncovering much more than he bargained for. Israeli native Ori Pfeffer plays Detective Golan Cohen, who works with the FBI but frequently crosses paths, and wills, with Connelly. He’s a take-no-prisoners “maverick” according to Pfeffer: “It’s his way or no way.”
Zap2it has the unique opportunity to hand over our Instagram to Pfeffer on the set of “Dig” all day on Thursday, March 12, so he can show us some behind-the-scenes pics. Pfeffer — who was raised in Jerusalem a block away from “Dig’s” creator Gideon Raff — has also been in “World War Z” and “Munich,” and TV shows such as “NYPD Blue” and “CSI.” 
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Posted by:Kiley Thompson