It may sound hard to believe, but it was 25 years ago when “Dinosaurs” debuted as part of the TGIF programming block on April 26, 1991, bringing the world of Jim Henson back to primetime TV as giant puppet dinosaurs reigned supreme.

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The show can be credited with many things — including the final episode, which depicts the dinosaurs causing the ice age themselves by mistreating the environment — but chances are nothing will stand the test of time more than Baby Sinclair, the youngest member of the dino family.

Baby was the breakout star of the show simply because of, well, how annoying he was. The constant refrains of “I’m the baby, gotta love me” and “not the mama” became regular phrases in pop culture that you couldn’t escape from, even if you wanted to.

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But you couldn’t hate Baby, it was impossible. Even though he was trying to kill his dad most of the time and his voice was shrill enough to give you a migraine headache, he was simply too adorable to dislike. With that in mind, here’s 5 times Baby was the most annoyingly cute character in TV history.

1. The time Earl tried to buy Baby’s love

2. The time Baby was in his terrible twos

3. The time Baby had way too much sugar

4. The time Baby pretended he was choking to death

5. The ‘I’m the Baby’ music video

That’s right, Baby had his own hit single and accompanying music video. The ’90s were a weird time.

Happy birthday, “Dinosaurs”!

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