In a year of “Doctor Who” drought, anything you can get yours hands on to drive your Whovian mind wild is more than welcome. Thankfully, this particular bit of “Who”-inspired greatness is worth the raving you’re going to do.

A team of builders down under teamed with BBC Australia to build a life-size TARDIS out of, what else, LEGOs. Over 75,000 bricks were used in the build, which took 300 hours to complete. A time-lapse video of the project shows just how incredibly impressive the creation is. Even the door works!

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Chances are it’s not bigger on the inside, though. After all, this is merely a TARDIS replica, rather than an actual time and space machine. Other than that, it’s very accurate.

In face, if you didn’t know it was made out of thousands of tiny bricks, it may fool you out in public. The builders on this one deserve some serious respect.

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Now, it’s time for LEGO to find a way to sell this set to the public. Sure, it’ll cost a lot. But in the end you’ll have your very own TARDIS, so it’s worth it.

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