Production on the 10th season of “Doctor Who” — the final batch of episodes with Steven Moffat as showrunner — is currently underway, but there’s one familiar face that’s been missing thus far and may not appear at all in Season 10.

Michelle Gomez, who plays Missy the Master, has been far and away the greatest addition to the show since Peter Capaldi took over as the Doctor. She’s been the perfect foil for the Doctor, always one step ahead and her sights set on destruction. However, the actress says she isn’t sure whether she’ll be returning to the show.

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In an interview with Radio Times, Gomez explains, “I just don’t know. I mean, I don’t even know if she’s coming back this season to be honest.”

Given how filming is already happening, one would think Moffat would give Gomez a heads up if he was planning to include her somewhere in the story. So it looks like, at least for now, Season 10 will be without Missy. With the changing guard coming to the show for Season 11 and beyond, this may also be the end of Missy as a character on the show, which is a true disappointment.

When Capaldi was having trouble finding his footing as the Doctor in Season 8, it was the mystery surrounding Missy and her chemistry with Capaldi that made the best parts of that season work. It was also nice to see the Doctor’s primary nemesis being a strong woman — and a fellow Time Lord, no less.

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So if Moffat has no plan to bring closure to Missy’s story, it’s time to change that. She deserves it and so do the fans that have grown to love her since she was introduced. When Moffat’s “Doctor Who” legacy is written, he can’t let it be with the caveat that Missy’s arc was left unresolved.

“Doctor Who” returns in 2017.

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