Finally, the first trailer for “Doctor Who” Season 10 has arrived and it looks like a lot of fun. First and foremost, the clip introduced fans to the Doctor’s (Peter Capaldi) new companion Bill (Pearl Mackie) and gives a hint at what her relationship with the Time Lord will be like.

It also sheds a little light on what the Doctor has been up to since we last saw him. According to Bill, the Doctor is… A professor? Seems he’s somehow found himself delivering lectures to college students, though we’d like to see his degree and find out exactly how qualified he is for the job. (or then again, who could possibly teach you more than a guy that’s literally seen and done everything?)

Being a professor can only eat up so much of his time, though. There’s a TARDIS to fly and adventures to go on,  so naturally he’s going to take Bill throughout space and time. We don’t get too many details about what’s to come in Season 10 — but there are mentions of Daleks, locales throughout history and on other planets and plenty of possibilities to put lives in danger.

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In short, it looks like showrunner Steven Moffat is spending his final season of the show revisiting all of the things that make “Doctor Who” so great.

There’s also plenty of Nardole (Matt Lucas). After being such a major part of the last two Christmas specials, it’s good to see Nardole is sticking around. Besides, this Doctor can be rather cranky so it might be good to have someone else along for the ride to help Bill keep her sanity.

While we know this is Moffat’s last season of “Doctor Who” before Chris Chibnall takes over as showrunner, Capaldi’s status beyond Season 10 remains unknown. If the show starts with a clean slate and a new Doctor in 2018, it looks like this season is shaping up to be a fitting ending for Capaldi.

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In the meantime, excuse us while we rewatch this trailer a few dozen more times looking for secrets hidden within it.

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