Jenna Coleman on 'Doctor Who'

“Doctor Who” fans know Jenna Coleman is leaving the series, meaning the end of Clara Oswald’s adventures with the Doctor (Peter Capaldi). How’s she going to go out, though?

Will Clara get some semblance of a happy ending or is she doomed to look back on her time with the Doctor as the best of her life? Of course, there’s always a much worse possibility.

Clara could die in the line of duty as a companion. She certainly wouldn’t be the first companion to die in the care of the Doctor, though it is quite a rarity.

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It’s hard to deny the evidence, though. While the major theme in Season 8 was whether or not the Doctor is a good man, Season 9 finds the Time Lord obsessed with making sure Clara is safe, regardless of the consequences.

He’s even willing to put his own life on the line if it means his companion’s survival. In the fourth episode of Season 9, “Before the Flood,” the Doctor makes that clear. When accused of being out to preserve his own life, he retorts, “This isn’t about saving me, I’m a dead man walking. I’m changing history to save Clara.”

Nothing else matters as much as Clara’s life in the Doctor’s mind and that’s the best reason to kill her off.

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It would be a devastating loss for the Doctor and one that would surely impact relationships with future companions. After all, Clara got out of the time and space traveling game with her life once, following the death of Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson) in Season 8. However, by the 2014 Christmas special the two were ready to start traveling again.

With the love of her life dead and most of her time spent with the Doctor, what’s left for Clara? In a way, the role of the companion is always a tragic one. When a human is shown life throughout the universe and the infinite possibilities the TARDIS offers, there’s never any going back to the person they once were.

In Clara’s case, that may very well end u[ meaning there’s no going back period — as she’s going to lose her life on an adventure with the Doctor.

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