Steven Moffat

If you haven’t come around to liking “Doctor Who’s” sonic sunglasses just yet, showrunner Steven Moffat might have a very convincing argument as to why the change should be a welcome one with fans.

“It’s the sort of silly thing that ‘Doctor Who’ would do. And it sort of resurrects the old joke that we’ve all forgotten about,” He tells the Observer. “The words ‘sonic screwdriver’ together are ridiculous. Why would you make a screwdriver sonic? Well, sonic sunglasses is just going back to that.”

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“The ones that care about this kind of stuff enough to get angry are insisting that our sonic sunglasses are silly but sonic screwdrivers, well, that makes perfect sense,” he continues. “Are you mad? This is about a man with two hearts who lives in a telephone box — can we just straighten ourselves out here a bit.”

If that’s not enough to change you’re mind, at the very least Moffat promises the change isn’t forever. “The screwdriver will be back,” he assures. “We’re just messing about and having some fun. Surely that’s allowed.”

Of course, one of the best things about the change is the opportunity it presents for children.

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“It just occurred to me with the sonic glasses, you know, it’s kind of cool because that means every kid with glasses has now got a superpower,” he says. “Every kid whose parents don’t want to run the expense of a toy, they just have to go get some sunglasses.

It doesn’t hurt that it makes cosplay much easier either, as Moffat adds, “Even more importantly, every celebrity tosser who thinks they’re looking cool because they’re wearing sunglasses is now cosplaying as ‘Doctor Who.'”

So while the screwdriver will eventually find its way back onto the show, perhaps it’s time now to embrace the sunglasses. After all, they do look pretty cool on the Doctor (Peter Capaldi).

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