It’s been an intense ride and on Sunday (Aug. 28), the answers we’ve been waiting for were finally revealed in the finale of HBO’s “The Night Of.” Was Naz (Riz Ahmed) the guilty party? Was Freddy (Michael K. Williams) involved? In a surprise twist, the identity of Andrea Cornish’s (Sofia Black D’Elia) killer wasn’t anyone we suspected.

Before we continue, let this be your warning that there are spoilers below.

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In a surprise turn of events, Andrea’s financial adviser was the murderer in question. Ray (Paulo Costanzo) ended up killing her after he was caught stealing from her accounts to take care of his own gambling debts. While we didn’t see this coming — due to the brilliant writing and performances all around — the question comes to mind: will “The Night Of” get a Season 2?

The program — which was adapted from the British series “Criminal Justice” — has been advertised as a limited series. With that fact in place, many have to be wondering if HBO will be bringing another season to the network. Back in July, EP Steven Zaillian told the TCA crowd that they’re “thinking about it.”

In recent years, television networks have presented a number of limited series to the small-screen landscape to varying degrees of success. ABC’s “American Crime” is on the verge of returning for another season, while CBS’s “Under the Dome” seemed to crash and burn after a few seasons. Could a Season 2 be in the cards for “The Night Of?” And if so, what will a second go-round cover?

If HBO were to follow the groundwork the BBC laid in the original series — which ran for from 2008 to 2009 — it’s possible that the American series will follow the story of the second season, as well.

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This initial eight episode run has followed the British series storyline very closely. Season 2 in the original series centered around a different crime, following completely different characters. If this formula has worked for “American Crime” and “American Horror Story,” why wouldn’t it work for HBO? And if a new season is picked up, will the same actors return in different roles?

These are the questions we are left with after finding out the true identity of Andrea’s killer. But, with such a well written story and engaging performances all around, it’s pretty safe to say HBO has discovered another top notch program to have on their roster.

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