After watching Friday’s (March 31) Season 4 finale, we have to wonder: Does “Sleepy Hollow” deserve a Season 5?

Not only does “Freedom” find Team Witness defeating Malcolm Dreyfuss (Jeremy Davies), but Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) makes a shocking decision that will change the face of the show. If FOX does move forward with another season, here are three details we desperately need “Sleepy Hollow” to address:

Ichabod’s unexpected deal with the Devil

Ichabod ended up putting a lien on his soul to take Malcolm Dreyfuss down. If you’ll recall, Dreyfuss made a deal with the Devil long ago to become the successful businessman you see today — but when he eventually achieved immortality, the state of that deal got put permanently on hold. And if it’s one thing the Devil doesn’t like, it’s when people back out of agreements.

To defeat Malcolm, Lara (Saychelle Gabriel) and Ichabod needed to break through his immortal exterior and The Philosopher’s Stone was the exact tool for the job. And to get the magical item in question, Ichabod made this shocking deal with the Devil. Yes, the team took down Malcolm in the end. And yes, demon henchman Jobe (Kamar de los Reyes) was finally set free… But honestly, we just really need more “Sleepy Hollow” Satan in our lives. If the show gets a Season 5, the Devil must literally be in the details.

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Ichabod and Henry need to sort things out

John Noble brought Henry Parrish back to “Sleepy Hollow” three times this season — and we can never have enough John Noble. But even as Ichabod and Henry reunited on the battlefield, father and son were unable to put their issues behind them. Ultimately, a truce was met and that’s fine. But as we watched Henry walk away, it was clear there is still a lot of unfinished business between the men.

Not to mention, when John Noble and Tom Mison are in a scene together, they simply light up the screen. Having the characters tackling their issues further would be a no-brainer… Right?

Bigger monsters, please

Through “Sleepy Hollow’s” four season run, Ichabod and company have taken on all sorts of demonic hell-beasts, but something new appeared for a brief moment in the episode’s final scene: A giant Kraken. Maybe this was a wink to the fans as a thank you for sticking with the show through this transitional season — the lack of Abbie (Nicole Beharie) took some getting used to. Still, seeing a giant sea monster leap from the lake had us wondering if there could be more.

If “Sleepy Hollow” gets renewed by FOX, you best believe we are clamoring at the possibility of Team Witness going full-on “Men in Black,” hunting crazy monsters of all shapes and sizes. It’s possible we’re off-base here, but with the Witness mantle no longer on Ichabod and Molly’s shoulders, the story needs to go in a fun new direction and hunting a giant Kraken would be a good place to start.

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