If you haven’t noticed, American history is a hot television topic these days. Aside from the popularity of shows like WGN America’s “Underground” and the “Roots” reboot, AMC has been turning the clock back a bit further to explore the American Revolution in all its glory.

On Monday (June 27), Season 3 of “TURN: Washington’s Spies” came to a close. The network has yet to announce whether it’s going to give the show a Season 4. With the unstoppable movement that is Lin Manuel-Miranda’s “Hamilton,” we’re thinking they should.

The story of Abraham Woodhull (Jamie Bell), George Washington (Ian Kahn) — and most recently — Alexander Hamilton (Sean Haggerty) has been met with mixed reviews and lackluster ratings. However, AMC has been known to nurture their small-screen entertainment when their shows bring with it a sense of artistic promise. While “TURN” is historical fiction, the time feels right for a series like this to continue.

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We’re not necessarily suggesting a “TURN” – “Hamilton” crossover, but given that both are based on actual events, is it possible that folks like Hercules Mulligan will pop up next year? After-all, this is still a show about Washington’s spies … even if it’s without the hip hop flavor.

At this rate, the ball is in AMC’s court. With more and more people discovering the series on Netflix, it may be a smart decision to keep the revolution going. What else are they going to do? Renew “Feed the Beast?” Yikes … that’s a whole other conversation entirely.

Posted by:Aaron Pruner

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