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“Lost” star Dominic Monaghan has quite an unusual wild side, and he’s not afraid to show it. Cameras follow the actor and wildlife enthusiast on his hunt for some seriously creepy creatures in BBC America’s eight-episode series “Wild Things With Dominic Monaghan,” premiering Tuesday, Jan. 22.
From flesh-slicing army ants and thick-tailed scorpions to the world’s largest centipede, rumored to snatch bats right out of the air, Monaghan gets up close and oh-so-personal with some of the scariest-looking insects and reptiles you’ve ever seen.
“The show is about immersion, adventure and a fearless curiosity,” he tells Zap2it. “Naturally, at times, I do things that are dangerous. I am as careful as I can be in those situations. I am very partial to all my limbs and organs. I don’t want to lose any. But I am also willing to take an acquired risk to platform the beauty – and danger – of these animals, but also break some real myths about these animals.”
Monaghan and his crew — “two camera, one sound, one director, one field researcher, and [we] outsource a medic” — tromp through some of the world’s most exotic and fascinating places sharing information on a creature’s importance in the Earth’s ecosystem.
The first episode finds Monaghan rummaging through the snake-infested rice paddies of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta and swimming in a crocodile-filled lake on a quest to find the world’s most dangerous aquatic insect, the giant water bug. While we question his sanity, it’s his passion for these species that drive him.
“I am the barometer for any interactions that may occur between me and an animal in the wild. I call the shots,” Monaghan says. “The Neotropical rattlesnake I see in Guatemala was extremely annoyed and keen to bite. My adrenaline gets up. I sweat. I get excited. I stay in the moment. Fear is detrimental to what I’m attempting to do. I control it as much as I can.”
But that’s not what really scares him.
“Heights scare me!” he says.
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