While many would like to close their eyes and pretend that Donald Trump’s run for president is all just a bad reality TV hoax, it appears that the Republican candidate has been paying fictional campaign firm Draper Sterling, for ads. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the title of the offices from AMC’s hit drama “Mad Men,” the New York City-based firm where Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and Roger Sterling (John Slattery) worked.

How does this look for Trump and his camp? As Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) famously said on the Emmy Award-winning series, “Not great, Bob!”

giphy10 Did Trump hire Jon Hamm? Camp pays 35K to Mad Men firm Draper Sterling

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The FEC is reporting Trump’s campaign has spent $35,000 to Don Draper’s make-believe company for web advertising. It all sounds so crazy that at this point, it sounds right on brand for Trump’s camp. Sure, why not give thousands of dollars to a firm that is as real as Trump’s political experience?

Judd Legum from ThinkProgress was the first to notice these fishy sounding payments.

Upon further research, the address listed from Draper Sterling led to suburban house in the middle of New Hampshire. What is going on here?

One theory, being that this mysterious house is located 15 minutes away from former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski’s house, and this is an audit that falls on his shoulders.

Or this theory proposed by Nicholas Blake, that there’s actually a firm called Dynamic Solutions, a shell company tied to numerous GOP campaigns that appears to have the name Draper Sterling on FEC documents.

Regardless, some enterprising Internet user has set up a website at DraperSterling.com, which cheekily offers:

  • Helping you get “creative” with campaign money
  • Totally not being a front for anything!
  • Taking a cut
  • Not commenting
  • Retouching photos to increase hand size


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