Donald Trump screws up, cue an interview with Matt Lauer on “Today” to do some damage control.

This time around, it’s in response to Trump having reporter Jorge Ramos removed from a campaign press conference in Iowa Tuesday (Aug. 25). At the Q&A, Ramos asked a question without being called on, which rankled the presidential candidate. He told Ramos repeatedly to “sit down” and to “go back to Univision,” then Trump had Ramos escorted from the room by security, though he did allow Ramos to return later and ask a question when called upon.

Trump tells “Today” that he did nothing wrong. Ramos is the one in the wrong.

“He was totally out of line last night.  … He stood up and started ranting and raving like a mad man and frankly, he was out of line. In fact, most newspaper reports said I handled it very well. He was totally, absolutely out of line,” says Trump, adding later that it was “very disrespectful to all of the other reporters that had questions also.”

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Lauer also gives Trump a chance to walk back his comments about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, but Trump is unrelenting. He insists that Kelly is not getting under his skin, nor is it a case of a school-yard crush, where boys are meanest to the girls they like.  What it is is that Trump thinks Kelly is unprofessional.

“I personally am not a fan,” says Trump. “I don’t think she does a good job, I don’t think she’s a very good professional. I think frankly the show’s better without her, but that’s up to them and they can do whatever they want. I respect [Fox News chief] Roger Ailes, he can do whatever he wants. I don’t care.”

The “Today” anchor also wonders if Trump leading in the polls is a case of the GOP voters picking the dangerous, rebel candidate now but eventually settling on someone like, say, Jeb Bush. Trump says no.

“They’re tired of the Jeb Bushes of the world. They’re tired of the Bushes, they’re tired of the Clintons, they’re tired of the people that have been running this country into the ground. I think that’s why I have the biggest crowds and I have the biggest polls,” says Trump.


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