Presidential candidate Donald Trump called in to “The View” Thursday (Sept. 9), which sounds like a recipe for fireworks on ABC, but the conversation was surprisingly cordial and contained quite a bit of substance.

The women on the panel asked Trump about everything from the Iran nuclear deal to Planned Parenthood to his recent comments about Carly Fiorina and to his credit, Trump didn’t shy away from (mostly) anything. Here are the highlights:

On Carly Fiorina:

“[My comments were] about her persona. She failed miserably at Hewlett-Packard, she failed at Lucent … she then ran for the senate, she lost in a landslide. Now she’s running for president. I’m talking about her persona. We need somebody that’s successful, I’ve made a tremendous fortune. We need people that can change our country.”

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On Ben Carson criticizing Trump’s faith in God:

“He talked about my faith, he doesn’t know me. … I don’t know so much about his faith. All of a sudden he became a man of great faith. I didn’t notice this four or five years ago. He should not be questioning somebody else’s faith when he knows nothing about that person because I don’t know Ben Carson and he really doesn’t know me.”

On illegal immigration:

“Not [just] Mexicans, from all over the world. We have people coming from parts of the world that nobody even believes. I’m saying illegal immigration is a tremendous problem in this country and I want them out. I also feel we have to have a border. We have to create a border. We’re a land of laws and we have to create a border. Right now thousands of people a week are pouring through our borders … with that comes tremendous crime.”

He later adds that he agrees with Whoopi Goldberg “100 percent” in saying that he wants to stop all illegal immigration, not just the Mexican immigrants. “I have great relationships with people from Mexico, with the Hispanics.”

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On his conservativism:

“I do have a very big heart and I want to take care of people and that’s a very important part of leading. I used to be a Democrat and Ronald Reagan used to be a Democrat and he switched and I switched years ago. Now I’m a conservative Republican but with a very big heart. We have to take care of people, whether it’s no women’s health issues or so many other issues, we have to take care of people.”

On women’s issues:

“I cherish women and I will protect women and I have great respect for women,” says Trump, though he does not directly answer the question of whether he would defund Planned Parenthood. What he does say is, “I am against abortion and that is a tremendous amount of the work that they do.” The “View” panel takes umbrage with his “tremendous” characterization, which is an exaggeration of the services Planned Parenthood provides.

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