They say all good things must come to an end. But in the world of television, the term "good" is relative.

It's hard for us not to think of the concept of "Peak TV" when looking back on the programs that graced the small screen over the past year -- especially when we think of those series that we said goodbye to in 2016.

Whether these programs were canceled -- we're looking at you, "Uncle Buck," "Cooper Barrett's Guide Surviving Life," "Rush Hour" and "Of Kings and Prophets" -- or found their stories coming to a fulfilling end -- "Downton Abbey" and "Rectify" did a splendid job at going out on their own terms -- there's a big group of shows that won't live to see another year.

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While some may have been deserving of the ax, there are a bunch here that deserved to have their stories continue through to another season. Sure, the growing trend is for networks to no longer use the term "canceled" when taking shows off the air, but come on, man! "Agent Carter," "Togetherness," "Manhattan" and "Penny Dreadful" surely deserved more episodes, in our opinion. Heck, Amazon didn't even give "Good Girls Revolt" much of a shot!

But still, as we've seen in the vast expansive landscape that is television entertainment, a dwindling audience is as a dwindling audience does.

In total, 54 shows came to an end in 2016:

  1. "Agent Carter"
  2. "American Gothic"
  3. "American Idol"
  4. "Angel from Hell"
  5. "Any Given Wednesday"
  6. "Aquarius"
  7. "Beauty and the Beast"
  8. "Bordertown"
  9. "BrainDead"
  10. "Castle"
  11. "Chasing Life"
  12. "Containment"
  13. "Cooper Barrett's Guide"
  14. "Crowded"
  15. "CSI: Cyber"
  16. "Downton Abbey"
  17. "Extant"
  18. "Faking It"
  19. "The Family"
  20. "Finding Carter"
  21. "Galavant"
  22. "Game of Silence"
  23. "Banshee"
  24. "Good Girls Revolt"
  25. "The Good Wife"
  26. "Grandfathered"
  27. "The Grinder"
  28. "Guilt"
  29. "Heartbeat"
  30. "House of Lies"
  31. "Impastor"
  32. "Limitless"
  33. "Mad Dogs"
  34. "Manhattan"
  35. "Marco Polo"
  36. "Maron"
  37. "Masters of Sex"
  38. "Mike & Molly"
  39. "The Muppets"
  40. "Murder in the First"
  41. "Mysteries of Laura"
  42. "Mythbusters"
  43. "Of Kings and Prophets"
  44. "Penny Dreadful"
  45. "Person of Interest"
  46. "Rectify"
  47. "Rizzoli & Isles"
  48. "Royal Pains"
  49. "Rush Hour"
  50. "Second Chance"
  51. "Telenovela"
  52. "Togetherness"
  53. "Uncle Buck"
  54. "Undateable"

Whether it's a groundbreaking music competition series or the final spinoff to a long-running crime procedural, audiences throughout the genre spectrum have been impacted. And while some shows have left themselves open to a possible future return -- do you guys remember that "Castle" finale? -- we'd like to take this time and send these shows off in style.

Rest in peace, all you canceled TV shows of 2016. You may be gone, but you'll never be forgotten.

Posted by:Aaron Pruner

When he was a child, Aaron memorized the entire television lineup, just for fun. He once played Charlize Theron’s boyfriend in a Japanese car commercial. Aaron’s a lover of burritos and a hater of clowns. TV words to live by: "Strippers do nothing for me, but I will take a free breakfast buffet any time, any place."