Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countess

On BBC’s “Downton Abbey,” no one can step to Violet Crawley. The Dowager Countess is the most feared member of that family. She may be the eldest, and ridiculously of touch from the changing of the times, but her quick wit and low tolerance for nonsense makes her have the best one-line zingers on the show.

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Lady Violet, masterfully played by actress, Maggie Smith, has zero filter. She has very strong opinions on the way things should be done and handled, and always finds the most backhanded, yet bulls-eye responses to naysayers within a moment’s breath. It is very clear that it’s from this grandmother for which Lady Mary gets her relentless attitude, icy stare, and stubbornness.

While narrowing down her best smackdowns was not an easy task, here are the Top 12 greatest zingers from the incomparable Lady Violet.

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