Your favorite drunk comedy show is about to get a whole lot more musical! "Drunk History" creator Derek Waters revealed to Zap2it at San Diego Comic-Con Thursday (July 21) that Lin-Manuel Miranda will be joining him for a drink to give a history lesson on Alexander Hamilton this season.

"Lin-Manuel Miranda got drunk and tells us the story of Hamilton and we re-enact a whole episode, it's gonna be called 'Hamilton' this season," says Waters, who joked that he likes to give struggling stars like Miranda a break.

"I like to help people that are struggling like him, and I just feel like more people need to know about 'Hamilton' the musical," Waters says of Miranda and "Hamilton" -- two of the hottest names in show business right now.

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No doubt we can expect some fun facts Miranda learned while researching Hamilton, a few rants about which parts of the founding-father-without-a-father's history wouldn't fit in the show and hopefully a drunken freestyle rap or two.

We're curious to see which period of Hamilton's history Miranda will focus most on, since there's obviously enough material to fill a three-hour musical and more. Whether he chooses Hamilton's days fighting in the Revolutionary War or his days as Treasury Secretary (or even his salacious sex scandal), Miranda will no doubt give us a show worth watching.

We're also dying to find out who will act out Miranda's drunken version of events, but if we had to give Derek Waters a few suggestions, we hear Phillipa Soo, Daveed Diggs and Leslie Odom Jr. have recently freed up their schedules.

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