Every “Hamilton: An American Musical” fan knows the tragic tale of Alexander Hamilton — from his rise to power, to his fall from political grace, to his eventual death at the hands of Aaron Burr.

However, there were dozens of stories from Hamilton’s life that didn’t quite make the musical: His irate letter to President John Adams, his part in putting down the Whiskey Rebellion… And luckily for us, Derek Waters decided to get Miranda drunk as all get out to tell Hamilton’s life story.

No one quite tells a story like Lin-Manuel Miranda, and thanks to “Drunk History,” we now have his account of three Hamilton tales that didn’t make it into the musical.

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Hamilton’s fiery voyage to the colonies

Who knew that after deciding to pack his bags and head to New York City, Hamilton’s ship actually caught fire on the journey? Obviously that sounds like a pretty awesome story, but not one that’s necessarily easy to pull of on stage. Bummer!

Hamilton & Burr partied together before their duel

We know Hamilton and Burr exchanged letters before their duel, unsuccessfully trying to sort out their issues, but we were totally unaware that they actually partied together a few nights before their duel. We sincerely doubt Hamilton actually sang “Closing Time” in Burr’s face though.

James Monroe is a huge jerk

In the musical, the blackmailing of Alexander Hamilton’s affair is left up to Aaron Burr, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, but there was actually another blackmailer who probably shoulders more of the blame. James Monroe didn’t appear in Miranda’s on stage version of events, but in “Drunk History,” Miranda gets real about what a jerk Monroe was for allegedly leaking the story about Hamilton’s relationship with Maria Reynolds.

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