Bindi Irwin continued to shine in Monday night's (Nov. 16) episode of "Dancing With the Stars."

After Irwin and Derek battled Nick and Sharna in the "Dueling Sambas" segment of the night, Bindi took on a more risky role in the above jazz routine. The trio dance number found the duo teamed up with choreographer Mark Ballas where some moving -- and somewhat unpredictable -- parts were put into play.

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Props are always a tricky element to work with in live dance routines but Irwin, Hough and Ballas owned the dance floor with the 17-year-old fan favorite once again outshining the competition.

It looks like practice made perfect as Bindi used the metal framework and light bulb to the best of her ability. With impeccable timing, it's hard to believe Irwin isn't already a professional dancer.

The team walked away with another perfect score for the number. Their samba routine from earlier in the night can be seen below.

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