Carlos showed off his rope dancing skills, and his washboard abs, in Monday's (Nov. 16) episode of "Dancing With the Stars."

One Direction's "Drag Me Down" was the perfect track to set the contemporary number Carlos and his partner Witney Carson danced to in the semi-finals episode. Before hitting the dance floor, Penavega shared with Carson the personal family struggles he's been dealing with in recent years.

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It's been four years since his parents divorced and Penavega admitted to Carson that he hasn't spoken parents' divorce, he admits to Whitney that he hasn't actually spoken to his Mother in that time.

The difficulty has led him to lean heavily on the strength of his marriage and the One Direction song firmly paints the picture of a strong love between two people that cannot be shattered, no matter what is thrown their way.

An impressive performance, to be sure, Penavega broke out a few extra moves on the rope and showed the audience how far he's willing to go to win the entire competition.

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