The late Steve Irwin received a touching tribute on Monday's (Nov. 16) episode of "Dancing With the Stars."

It's the semi-finals of the popular dance competition show and Bindi Irwin has stood out as a fan favorite since day one. The daughter of the late Crocodile Hunter displays the sort of infectious energy and excitement audiences grew to love about her dad.

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During her introduction in the episode in question, Bindi -- joined by family and friends -- reminisce on her childhood growing up in and around animals. Her upbringing was obviously very different from many and the clips shown throughout the segment display a childhood of joy and constant learning. It looks pretty much how one would expect it to when your father is someone of Irwin's distinction.

Her readiness to get back to filming just weeks after her father's passing, as Terri Irwin explains, was Bindi's normal. It was the way she connected with her dad and the best way she found to honor his legacy.

Commenting on her journey, Bindi says, "I'll always be Dad's daughter, but to really touch on places in my heart that I haven't gone to ever, has been a great honor. Words can't describe how grateful I am to be here."

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