Despite dancing their best dance yet with a vibrant jazz routine, “Mean Girls” star Jonathan Bennett and partner Allison Holker hung up their dancing shoes in “Dancing with The Stars” Week 6.

“It’s disappointing because I feel like this was a huge arc for us. It was a really big chance for us to make it and show the
judges why we deserve to be here.” Holker tells Zap2it and a handful of other journalists after the show.

Although the judges praised Bennett and his first year pro in Week 6, they have been especially critical of the pair in week’s past. Going especially tough on the actor during the “switch up” week when he hurried through the jive with Peta Murgatroyd. Holker says the criticism definitely effected her partner.

“I think there were a few weeks when they were just so hard on him, so rough. I feel like it
definitely effected him. Then he rose to the occasion this week and really came back on top. So I
really wish that we at least had one more week to
show the progress, because I could feel the change inside him,” she explains.

Holker made it pretty far in the competition as a rookie, but learned really quickly being the newbie wasn’t easy. The “So You Think You Can Dance” alum explains the judge’s tough love was often a bit harsher than anticipated.

“I think they brought me onto the show knowing that I was going to bring
something different and that’s what they really loved. I feel like the
judges had mixed feelings about us from the beginning. Some weeks, they loved me and then some weeks they
ate me alive like as if I was their prey. But at the same time, I know
that I’m the new girl, so I  they’re trying to teach me,” Holker says.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins