"This is 'Crying with the Stars' tonight," says Andy Grammer. No two stars proved that in Week 4 of "Dancing with the Stars" more than Tamar Braxton and Bindi Irwin.

Braxton brought judge Carrie Ann Inaba, and most of the ballroom, to tears with her emotional rumba dedicated to her husband who almost died from blood clots in 2012. His poor health condition lead the couple to decide to have their first child. To celebrate her husband's now good health and their baby boy, Braxton performed better than she has so far in the competition.

"Your story touched me deeply," Inaba says tearfully, "When you danced even more deeply. You reached into my soul just now with that dance. It was such a beautiful performance…thank you for that dance."

Julianne Hough was also full of praise for Braxton.

"I have never seen you more beautiful than you are right now: completely vulnerable, completely free. I have not given you a 9 yet and I think it’s because you’ve been an 8 and an 8.5," Hough teases. "There’s always been that little thing for me that’s been missing. There was a height that you had tonight that exceeded any other height that you’ve had."

Hough gave her a 9, along with the rest of the judges.

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Braxton's Rumba was only to be out done by Bindi Irwin's breathtaking contemporary dance in honor of her father, Steve Irwin.

Irwin's pre-dance packet got the tears going for most of the audience, including her partner Derek Hough, but she also bared her heart on the dance floor which left all three judges needing a handkerchief before giving their critiques.

"We said it at the beginning about how we can’t judge the packet, we have to judge the actual dance. That dance was breathtaking," Hough gushes. "Can I say one more thing? That was a tribute to your father and we know that you should be very proud, but he is very proud too."

Inaba was the last time chime in and offers proud words for Irwin's performance in the season so far.

"I feel like I’m watching the way you live your life. You make every dance a moment of your life and it’s such an honor to see such a bright light dance with so much beauty and passion. I love that," she says.

Irwin also walks away with two 9s and the first 10 of the season thanks to Bruno Tonioli.

Posted by:Megan Vick