waylynn lucas 325 'Eat, Drink, Love': 'Sex and the City' meets 'Top Chef' by way of FonutsAll too often reality shows feature people we would want to avoid in real life.

But there’s a lovely moment in Bravo’s “Eat, Drink, Love,” premiering Sunday, Aug. 11, that could make you wish you picked up your morning treat and coffee at Fonuts, a Los Angeles bakery.

Customers choose their “fonuts” and dance with baker and co-owner Waylynn Lucas. Fonuts, a play on the words “faux” and “doughnuts,” look like typical doughnuts, but they are never fried.

“We are all about the fun,” Lucas says. “At Fonuts we don’t think to take anything too seriously.”

The show revolves around five single women in the food industry, including Lucas, a marketer, editor, personal chef and writer. Though the publicity information touts them as a “tight-knit circle of friends,” Lucas says they were not pals before the show, though she had casually met a couple of them.

The series follows the women at work, in different kitchens and enjoying great-looking meals and drinks in different L.A. hot spots. Lucas describes it as “Sex and the City” meets “Top Chef.”

“The women, young, single and successful, is the ‘Sex and the City’ aspect, but we are all in the food industry,” she tells Zap2it. “It’s the base storyline of the show and what brings us together, and you get a sneak peek of the entire food industry.”

A pastry chef, Lucas had worked in hotels and finer restaurants before opening Fonuts with partner Nancy Truman two years ago. She earned a degree in baking at the Art Institute of Los Angeles.

Lucas is one of those lucky people who knew what she wanted to do since she was 12. During the summers, she worked in a family friend’s restaurant in Colorado, starting as a dishwasher and working her way up.

“I loved the fun of it,” Lucas says of working as a pastry chef. “I loved the service aspect. It’s fun and fast-paced and dealing with people and hard work and instantly rewarding.”

What did you have for dinner last night?
“I was traveling yesterday and had one meal, fish tacos. I was in Hawaii.”

Where was your last trip and why?
“Hawaii for business. It was a wedding. I didn’t make fonuts for the wedding. I helped out with desserts for the wedding, and one of my favorite Hawaiian treats was inspiration for one of my fonut flavors. A bakery in Hawaii called Leonard’s makes malasadas. It’s originally from Portugal, their version of a doughnut, filled with coconut cream and a sweet and salty plum powder on the outside. It is absolutely delicious.”

What are you reading?
“I actually just finished Gabrielle Reece’s new book, ‘My Foot Is Too Big for the Glass Slipper.’ She is a friend and an avid Fonut supporter.”

What is your next project?
“Hopefully a Fonuts No. 2.”

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler