sherlock season 3 ophelia lovibond lucy liu jonny lee miller 'Elementary' Season 3 premiere: Kitty is going to 'rock the boat' for Holmes and Watson“Elementary” saw Season 3 kick off with the introduction of a new person into Holmes and Watson’s lives in the form of Kitty (Ophelia Lovibond). Did you get the feeling there’s possibly something nefarious going on with Kitty? You may be on the right track. More will be revealed about Kitty as the episodes wear on.

“You find out a lot more about where Sherlock found her and why he’s
chosen her, why this quite volatile person?” Lovibond tells Zap2it. “You definitely learn more
about Kitty as the season goes on. She has a history and there’s a reason for her being the
way she is.”

Star Lucy Liu adds, “A lot about Kitty is revealed in the second episode. It
opens up who she is and how she relates to the world and to people.
You’ll get a glimpse into her in a big way.”

The stars also realize that fans of the show may not be the biggest fans of Kitty’s, which Lovibond says is exactly the way they should react. “I hope that they do find her intrusive, because she is,” says Lovibond. “She’s there to
rock the boat. She’s not supposed to be this amiable person. The more
fans react to that, the better.”

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This Watson 2.0 character is only one facet of the strained relationship between Holmes and Watson at season’s start. Executive producer John Polson says the beginning of Season 3 is definitely about “repairing and renewing” their relationship and making amends for how Season 2 ended. Star Jonny Lee Miller says he thinks Holmes expected Watson to be happier to see him.

“I think Sherlock has come back through a lot, and he really
wanted a bit more of a warm welcome than he got,” says Miller. “This whole
protege-mentor thing, I really feel, is him trying to cover up, pretend
not to be a little bit lost.”

Liu adds, “For Joan, she feels abandoned by him. They had built this relationship —
she was living with the man, she was caring for him, she loves him in a
very deep way and a very distorted way, in some ways. She feels very
protective of him, as well as protected by him, and he just took off.
It’s a very intricate and complicated
relationship. There’s a lot that’s not said that wants to be said.”

“I think the best way to sum up their relationship in Season 3 is
a little bit syncopated,” Liu concludes. “There’s music being made, but everything’s a
bit off-beat.”

Finally, when asked whether Kitty has something to do with why Sherlock left MI6, Polson says, “If we told you, we’d have to kill you.”

“Elementary” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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