elle macpherson fashion star nc 325 Elle Macpherson says Karl Lagerfeld worth 'Fashion Star' contestants emulating

Zap2it: What do you hope people take from “Fashion Star”?
Elle Macpherson: First, I hope people tune in to take something new and exciting and inspiring. Second of all, I hope they will appreciate the online component, to be able to buy the winners’ clothing. Third, I hope they really enjoyed the show. The stories of the designers are heartfelt and warm. And that they enjoy the hour, getting to know the contestants and getting to know themselves as well. When we watch these programs it is self-exploratory as well.
Zap2it: Can you elaborate on how the final winner is chosen?
Elle Macpherson: The biggest challenge is the final winner needs to be able to design for a capsule collection for H&M and Saks and Macy’s. Each capsule collection will be worth $2 million, and the total prize is $6 million. They need to have the scope, need to have the range.
Zap2it: Can you cite examples of designers who could be emulated?
Elle MacphersonKarl Lagerfeld has his own stores, and you can find [his designs] in H&M and some in Macy’s. Having that range and creativity that can span across different price brackets is part of the challenge.

Zap2it: Was “Fashion Star” your idea?
Elle Macpherson: Shows of this nature are always collaborative efforts. I approached Ben Silverman (founder and CEO of Electus and a former co-chairman of NBC) with the concept of doing some sort of program that combined business and selling of clothes. … The concept is to make home shopping attractive and immediate. So often it is quite boring.

“Fashion Star” airs Tuesdays on NBC.

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler