On Monday's (Nov. 2) "Ellen DeGeneres Show," celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis is on hand to demonstrate "zucchini spaghetti," but it turns into kind of a mess when DeGeneres and guest David Spade can't stop making dirty jokes and giggling.

It starts with some phallic vegetables and a "spiralizer," then things really get out of control with the "star anise" -- in case you don't know, "anise" rhymes is "Janice." But it also kind of sounds like "anus," see.

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"I have never heard of an anise," cracks DeGeneres, giving the audience a wink. "Smell the anise," she says, as she shoves it in Spade's face.

"This smells like anise," says Spade, taking a whiff of the Parmesan cheese. "Is this anise gonna go away, I don't want a big chunk of that," says DeGeneres with a laugh.

The final product looks delicious, but the real treat for viewers is Spade and DeGeneres acting like 12-year-olds and poor De Laurentiis just trying to keep it together.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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