On the heels of retiring from scaring "Modern Family" star Eric Stonestreet, Ellen DeGeneres commemorates her 2000th show with a montage of dozens of the scares her show has done over the years -- 121, to be exact.

The best ones by volume are when someone pops out of the end table that sits in the middle of the set -- Selena Gomez practically jumps out of her chair, Kristen Wiig collapses on the floor, Josh Duhamel starts swearing, Justin Bieber puts up his fists and Lea Michele vows to never come on "Ellen" again.

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But the absolute hands-down funniest ones are when Ellen hides in her guests' bathroom. Richard Simmons shrieks like he's being murdered and Taylor Swift actually falls down in a scramble to get away.

And just for funsies, here's Stonestreet's epic haunted house trip again:

You may have decided to stop scaring Stonestreet, but please don't stop scaring other celebrities, Ellen.

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