Ellen DeGeneres gave her fans an inside look at the romance between President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, when the president of the United States stopped by “Ellen” for an interview. It seems the POTUS and the first lady exchange messages to one another as a preview for Valentine’s Day.

“Roses are red, violets are blue. You are the president and I am your boo,” the first lady recites in a video to her husband.

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Seeing as the president clearly needed to respond to Mrs. Obama, DeGeneres offered her show’s set to record a video of his own. Luckily, Obama already had a plan in mind when it came to sending his Valentine a message.

Just before he begins, the TV host sets the mood with some Barry White on a CD player that is standing next to an abundance of flowers. While his poem doesn’t necessarily rhyme, the president does ensure a healthy holiday with his wife whose political platform is nationwide fitness.

“Somebody call the situation room because things are about to get hot,” President Obama starts. “Michelle, this Valentine’s Day I’m going to treat you right. I’m gonna make you some zucchini bread, then I’ll spread out some veggies on a plate just the way you like them.”

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He goes on, “Then I’m gonna give you a massage while you watch… ‘Ellen’s Design Challenge’ on HGTV?”

That last part was obviously inserted by DeGeneres, but the president’s closing statement seemed more personal to his wife of 23 years.

“Because I love you so much, I ObamaCare about you more than you even know,” he shouts. “Michelle, I’ve made a lot of great decisions as president. The best decision I’ve ever made was choosing you. Thanks for putting up with me; I love you.”

Posted by:Mannie Holmes