The relationship between Dorothy (Adria Arjona) and Lucas on “Emerald City,” has got heat — the chemistry’s undeniable — but there are a few glaring issues these two can no longer ignore.

The first is that they’re literally from two different worlds. He’s a resident of the magical land of Oz, while Dorothy’s home remains in Kansas, and she wants nothing more than to get back there. Second, this sexy Scarecrow can’t remember anything from the day before he met Dorothy. With a blank slate, Lucas is fully committed to Dorothy. She saved his life. And with no distracting thoughts, he is totally consumed by his role as her protector. That’s not romantic, at least not for long.

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Lucas doesn’t want to find out the kind of person he once was, as he senses it’s someone quite terrible — the Scarecrow suffers from terrifying visions, scenes he can only assume are flashbacks.  His memory is returning in pieces, and he needs to assemble them to restore his sanity.

The Wizard’s right hand man Eammon (Mido Hamada) recognized Lucas, and now we’re learning how the Scarecrow (Oliver Jackson Cohen) was once one of Emerald City’s fiercest guards, responsible for carrying out a long list of murderous acts demanded of him by the Wizard. Lucas is ashamed, but Dorothy understands that this was a different time, and that he’s different person now… But is he?

lucas and dorothy kissing gif Emerald Citys surprising love triangle revealed as the Scarecrow remembers his past

Lucas’ vocation as a soldier is just one part of his life. Of course, the Scarecrow also had a personal life, and we couldn’t have known just how much that could complicate things. But for his former lover to turn out to be Glinda (Joely Richardson), we would’ sooner have expected Dorothy’s mother to come back to life! We had to pick our jaws up from the floor when Lucas sees the Witch of the North and, driven by instinct, immediately kisses her passionately.

But we don’t feel as bad for Dorthy as you might expect. Normally, watching Lucas make out with someone else in front of Dorothy (the morning after sleeping with her, naturally) would be infuriating. Even moreso because he and Dorothy were on their way to… Kill this person!

But Glinda sparks the Scarecrow’s memory bank like no one else before. And now “Emerald City” has established one of the most complicated love triangles ever, over in Oz.

the scarecrow and glinda  emerald city  Emerald Citys surprising love triangle revealed as the Scarecrow remembers his past

The fact is, merely hours beforehand, Dorothy was ready to ditch Lucas: She just wants to go home. It doesn’t even dawn on her to ask Lucas to come with her to Kansas — it’s not until little Sophie (Rebeka Rea) uses her witch powers to lock the door, and literally turns the house upside down, to keep her from sneaking out that Dorothy remembers she’s not just about A-#1 anymore — and if it’s that easy to leave Lucas behind, maybe her heart truly isn’t in it.

Even still, and though we know she’s got emotional stuff — trying to leave both Lucas and Sophie without so much as a goodbye is both hard and weak.

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So when Lucas sees Glinda, and discovers the woman standing in from of him was once his lover, we can’t blame him for turning on Dorothy. While the jury’s still out on whether or not Glinda is the evil person the Wizard (Vincent D’Onofrio) believes her to be, we’re also curious to know if she had a hand in Lucas becoming the Scarecrow. Maybe was caught and punished by the Wizard for being Glinda’s mole… Or maybe it’s the other way around, and scorned-lover Glinda magically pinned him up as torture.

The Scarecrow may not have a fully functioning brain yet, but he’s got a fully functioning heart. Dorothy did a number on him and his hurt feelings are still raw. We’ve yet to see how Sophie truly feels — she also has a right to be angry and to feel betrayed. Ultimately, Dorothy is pushing away the only people who truly care for in Oz. Maybe it’s a defense mechanism, but either way she’s broken their trust, and she’ll have to prove herself in a big way to earn that back. Dorothy’s never going to get home on her own.

“Emerald City” airs on Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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