Having a mom as the subject of ABC’s The Bachelorette” this season presented an interesting challenge for stylist Cary Fetman.
“I went more conservative in the beginning because I didn’t want to turn people off to her,” he tells Zap2it. “I wanted to be respectful of her as a mother and not offend other mothers who don’t have stylists and a makeup artist.”
But although Fetman initially downplayed Emily Maynard‘s sexiness, her look is full-on glam as the season progresses.
“Emily and I are very similar in our taste,” he says. “We like hot and sexy and glitzy, and we like over the top. We just want to have fun with fashion. We like shiny and sequin and supertight. The first couple of episodes I wanted to make sure it was her putting outfits together and sometimes I would have to say ‘Let’s tone it down until the audience gets to know you.’ I may have done an injustice to her. You can be both a fashion plate and be a great mother.”
Fetman says he starts off in the very beginning of every season letting the Bachelorette pull her own clothes. Then as they get to know each other, he starts making suggestions.
“I can’t imagine anything harder than coming on a show where you’re going to be seen by all these people and some guy has bought you your wardrobe for 10 weeks and says today you are going to wear this,” he says. “It’s not fair. We go through 60 or 70 outfits every season, all of a sudden you’re surrounded in a closet of clothes you’ve never really seen and then to make it work. You’re looking at it for the first time when we’re starting to shoot and you don’t really know what kind of date you’re going on, you just find out that morning.”
Fetman describes a few of Emily’s looks at different points in the season:
emily maynard the bachelorette tvfashion 1 abc 325 'The Bachelorette' Emily Maynard makes for an interesting fashion challenge
“The striped top with the jeans was probably different than how the rest of the show goes. I didn’t want anyone to assume they knew her. I wanted it to be something that was totally more nondescript that everybody can relate to you and let it be more about an average girl next door.

“I don’t think she leaves her bedroom without those high heels. Emily is a heel girl, she could hike a mountain in heels. She is a typical Southern woman where when she leaves in the morning she is in makeup and heels.”

emily maynard the bachelorette tvfashion 2 abc 325 'The Bachelorette' Emily Maynard makes for an interesting fashion challenge
“This Jean Fares gown is her favorite of the season. It was a dress she fell in love with from the very first fitting. She just felt like it was a soft, Southern, very romantic gown.

“My issue with the dress is it has the big hoop bottom, so if you do it on the first night as the guys introduce themselves, there is no way for them to get close to her. And while it’s stunning to stand in, we have a really long night that first night.

“We compromised and used it for the ABC photo shoot.”

emily maynard the bachelorette tvfashion 3 abc 325 'The Bachelorette' Emily Maynard makes for an interesting fashion challenge
“This is the dress for the first rose ceremony. It was a rose nude also by Jean Fares. We did a deal this season. I fell in love with this line and a big part of the dresses in the rose ceremonies will be from this designer.

“It doesn’t look like anything in the photo but in person it is stunning. It is a soft blush all beaded and nude in between but she actually looked like she was wearing rhinestone stripes across the areas that need to be hidden.

“You will see a ton of sequins and nude mesh this season. I’m praying when you see it in HD it looks as stunning as it did in person.”

emily maynard the bachelorette tvfashion 4 abc 325 'The Bachelorette' Emily Maynard makes for an interesting fashion challenge
“One of the things we found everywhere we’ve gone this time is we’re dealing with some elements we didn’t expect. There’s been a lot of it’s going to be sunny and beautiful, and we get there and it’s cold and cloudy and chance of rain.

“That was an outfit where we needed to throw on a sweater. Even if it’s at the last second, Emily knows her body and sense of style and she’ll just throw on a cute, adorable sweater.”

Fetman says normally he calls designers to ask to pull clothes, but this season they were calling him and asking to send.
“It made it so fun that designers really, really wanted to dress Emily,” he says.
Posted by:Monique Marcil