margo martindale emmys Emmy Awards 2011: Margo Martindale's win a long time comingMargo Martindale was considered a favorite to win the Emmy for best supporting actress in a drama series, but the fact that she actually did makes it no less sweet.

Martindale has had dozens of mostly well-received TV roles in her career, but her Emmy nomination for her work as Mags Bennett on “Justified” was her first. And if you saw the second season of the series, you’ll know that it was no upset.

What really touched us, though, was Martindale’s speech. Maybe because she’s been working for a long time and is only now just breaking through in terms of awards recognition, it felt like it came from the heart.

“Some things take time,” Martindale said with a great big smile on her face as she accepted the award. She went on to thank just about everyone involved with the show — including an FX publicist and Robert Bianco, a critic for USA Today who was an early supporter of her Emmy bid.

It was maybe our favorite speech of the night. What did you think of it?

Posted by:Rick Porter