claire danes lena dunham scandal kerry washington ryan seacrest emmys gi Emmys 2013: 'Scandal' fans Lena Dunham and Claire Danes make Ryan Seacrest obsolete

Poor Ryan Seacrest — Emmy-nominated actresses Claire Danes and Lena Dunham were more interested in talking about “Scandal” (and stalking Kerry Washington) during their red carpet interviews with the E! host.

It made for a very entertaining interview with the stars of “Homeland” and “Girls.”

Frighteningly enough, this was actually the second time in just a few minutes when stars had ignored Seacrest. Amy Poehler had caused the first such incident when Ryan abruptly ended his interview with the “Parks and Recreation” actress to talk to Carrie Underwood. Instead of making an awkward exit, Poehler simply took hold of the microphone and asked Underwood the standard questions.

She also tried to question the country singer on politics and religion, but that didn’t get too far.

A few minutes later, Danes and Dunham had a more intimate and extensive conversation. It all began when Claire Danes essentially photobombed Lena Dunham while the latter was chatting for E!. The two women are obviously great friends and used the encounter to admire one another and catch up.

Mostly this catching up consisted of talking about “Scandal.” Dunham revealed that she got Danes into the ABC drama a year earlier — mostly this was pitched as a way to entertain herself while nursing a new baby. The recommendation obviously stuck.

Both women also detailed how they had each spent some quality time stalking “Scandal”s Kerry Washington. It’s good to know that Washington was cool with her celebrity stalkers.

Throughout the whole chat, poor Ryan Seacrest simply stood to the side awkwardly. After all, how could he compete with the adorableness of two super-talented women fan-girling out over everything?

Posted by:Laurel Brown